CookieCodes New Mini Update! (Click To Read MORE)


Hey everyone, thank you for using and supporting the website as we continue to deliver Roblox codes for your favorite games. Without you NONE of this would be possible, so I really appreciate you! Alright now lets get into this NEW update...

NO This update is not that big, but it is still a change that some people might wonder about. Basically, since the beginning of Cookie Codes, we have continued to give you both ACTIVE CODES and also EXPIRED CODES. With this new UPDATE We are getting RID of the EXPIRED CODES section, as I feel that it takes up unnecessary space for something that you cant even use.

With this update the viewing experience will be Even EASIER than it has already been. Thank you all once again for your continued support!

(You Will Start Noticing This Update Take place Within the NEXT few weeks. Keep in mind SOME posts may not IMMEDIATLEY receive this update)


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